Gregory Figg is a writer from London, UK, and is author of the Engines of Ascendancy series. His debut novel, Threshold, was published in 2016, followed by Harbinger in 2018 and Nemesis in 2021. He is currently working on the fourth and fifth novels in the EoA series.

With degrees in both Ancient History and Modern History, Gregory has set out to weave a sweeping, multi-storyline epic that challenges the boundaries of understanding and history for character and reader alike, all to the backdrop of reality-shattering alternate circumstances.  He sees the Middle Ages as a fascinating, fruitful era in which to lose oneself, sufficiently distant to be exotic but familiar enough to be relatable and therefore tangible.  Through the eyes of protagonists and the actions of their friends, comrades and enemies, Gregory looks to explore ideas, perspectives and ways of thinking that pertain to the very essence of human existence, reflecting how we grow emotionally and intellectually in the real world when faced with dangers forecasted and unforeseen.

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