The year is 1295. A unique discovery in north Wales sets in motion events that will impact across Europe, from Welsh partisans to French spies, English Templars to warring kings. Will the ensuing chain reaction eclipse the existing strife and turmoil?

“A mesmerising read – I was hooked from the first page. Beautifully imagined and intriguingly crafted.”

“Amazingly researched. This author not only knows the time period but behavior of horses, psychology of war, geography of Europe, and how to add romantic thoughts without turning off the usual GoT audience. Love this book!”

“Really enjoyed this novel, an excellent story that stands alone well but has all the elements necessary to develop into a fantastic series.”

“Being a big fan of historical fiction, I was delighted that you can really feel how much research has gone into this book. And coupled with historical fact is the start of an original and compelling story.”


The fires of unrest are fanned across Christendom and ominous rumours swirl over its farthest reaches.  Europe seeks to ride out its present turmoil and discover the truth behind unsettling developments, but a storm is breaking on the horizon.

“Figg builds upon real historical events, effortlessly intertwining his own story with historical roots, and even throws in some interesting philosophical ponderings to really get you thinking.”

“I’ve been waiting for the second book ever since the first and it did not disappoint – it picks up and builds brilliantly where Threshold left off.”