An introduction to some of the principal characters of the series. A more comprehensive list of primary and secondary characters can be found on the EoA wiki.


Gaolkeeper at Clun Castle, in the service of the Earl of Arundel. A woman oft driven by grief, she is tasked with keeping prisoners and extracting information from them when necessary.

Alice de Pierrepont

Benedictine prioress at Chester Convent. Alice is insightful and curious across a range of topics, more so than her church would approve.

Brac of Rhuddlan

Quarryman from Rhuddlan who has long harboured a strong resentment towards the English occupiers, though does not know how to strike back.

Eleanor de Molay

A perceptive and conscientious Templar agent born in the south of France, who will always try to do what is right by God.

Guy de Foresta

Master of the London Temple and the most senior Templar Knight in England. Intellectually and physically gifted, he is nonetheless jovial, kind and faithful.

Henry of the Temple

A pragmatic and courageous English Templar agent who has served the Order for many years, including in the Holy Land.

Mathieu de la Marche

Count of La Marche, and spymaster and mentor to King Philippe of France. Mathieu is a meticulous man who keeps people at a distance.

Reginald de Grey

Baron of Wilton, war hero and a close friend to King Edward of England, Lord Reginald is practical and efficient in the pursuit of justice.


Also going by the name Tova, Thorfridr is a Norse Templar agent who lives in Iceland. She is a fierce, towering woman not easily dissuaded from her objectives.

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